“Banlieue 13” is hotter than the month of July

Stuck in Seattle over the holiday? Not into watching people celebrate our Constitutional right to blow stuff up? Looking for something French to do? Might I suggest catching “Banlieue 13” (“District B 13″)” at Uptown?

At first glance this film, set in 2010 Paris, seems like nothing more than a vehicle for showcasing parkour. And, well, yes, there is a lot of jumping and climbing and general flinging about but the movie is somehow more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps this is because director Pierre Morel manages to breathe new life into the “outlaw cop and his renegade buddy” genre. But I think the real reason is that David Belle (Leito) is smokin’ H.O.T.! PREE to the OW!


“Banlieue 13” continues its run at Uptown this week. Go for the hotness. Stay for the fun.

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