Grey’s Anatomy 03/12 – Band-aid Covers the Bullet Hole (season 2, episode 20)


The pretty, pretty cast, since I don’t have a screen shot from the show.

I pulled Grey’s recap duty this evening, and Michael is a friend helping me out – mostly with the commentary. It’s my (our) first time doing this, so be kind!

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith admits she is a horrible person, Izzy makes the moves on Denny, George moves out, and in with Preston and Cristina.

Voiceover: As drs, patients are always telling us how they would do our job. Just fix me up, slap a bandaide on me, send me home.

And during the voiceover, we see McDreamy and Meredith walking outdoors with McPooch. The location looks like Carkeek Park, and then seems to switch to a more mountainy area.

Grey talks, George cuts his hair in the bathroom sink (yes, Cristina and Preston’s sink), George and Preston come back from running five miles, Christine makes coffee and grumps. And did you know Preston could juggle (eggs)? Me neither. There’s some serious male bonding going on here, and Cristina looks like she’s going to rip eyes out.

The scene cuts to a gratuitous fly-by shot of Seattle, showing off one of the shinier downtown office buildings as the camera flies south, then west to the water. We come down from the water, to find Cristina bitching to Meredith and Izzy about how George and Preston are bonding, while Izzy knows things suck between Meredith and George, she isn’t calling Alex back, and Alex thinks George looks like a hobbit with his new haircut.

AddiSatan is being hit on by Mr. Gibson, the husband of her latest patient, who’s trying to convince her body to stay pregnant. Mr. Gibson tells her she looks like a young Catherine Deneuve – AddiSatan doesn’t know who this is. And hey, the Nazi has the baby! Richard tries to stare down the Nazi, Cristina and AddiSatan about the baby being here at the hospital, and loses, badly.

Meanwhile, George continues to ignore Meredith, and Meredith gets a surgical consult. Does anyone want to play the “guess why the gentleman in the examining room has an icepack on his groin, and his wife has a fork in her neck” game? Not me! But it’s apparently embarrassing, whatever the reasoning behind it is. Apparently Sylvia (Natalie Cole) was “giving her husband special attention under the table” and while she was “down there” she clenched her jaw and he panicked. Apparently in his panicking, he instinctually decided to stab his wife in the neck with a fork. Er, I’m not a guy, but this seems rather drastic a reaction to me. Guys? Sylvia can’t think of anything that might cause her to suddenly bite down on her husband whilst going down on him, but he has an idea. Maybe it has something to do with her brain aneurism? It’s inoperable, and that’s why they’re there in Seattle. No, not for McDreamy – because she’d always wanted to see the Space Needle. (And for those guys still wincing and wondering, apparently he’s bruised but otherwise okay.)

Meanwhile, in the ambulance bay, the Nazi is going off to surgery and Yang is getting the baby. Cristina points out how horrible an idea this is, and the Nazi isn’t inclined to listen. Pass off the baby, begin the bad idea.

Hel-lo doctor! Seems the cutie doctor (hereby dubbed CutieDoc) that was eyeballing George is at work, and confronts George as to why he didn’t call her. George did, but didn’t actually leave a message. “Very stalkerish,” she says. She makes him nervous, which is apparently good in her eyes. So she very suggestively asks if he’d like to see something “really cool” and he, being at least a semi-bright man, nods yes – and they bond over a really icky bruised hand. Seems Duncan (okay, not really – I didn’t catch the character name, but it’s Duncan from Veronica Mars) plays hockey. Some guy slammed him into the net after he took his gloves off, and his fingers got tangled in the net and made yucky popping noises. Cutiedoc says that “hockey season is like Christmas every day!”

Back to Sylvia. Meredith shows how amazing she is by pulling the fork out of Sylvia’s neck without Sylvia noticing, because husband-Kyle is talking to her about Paris. Fork out, Kyle asks what Meredith knows about McDreamy, and she says he’s not bad, and a second opinion is worthwhile. Even if it is a fourth.

Scene-switch to Denny and Alex, and whoa – Alex tosses out that although he might not be Denny’s type, he sure is Izzy’s. Alex? Not so much with the bright. Denny says congratulations, looks really sad, and you know when Izzy finds out about this Alex is dead.

The Chief walks in on Cristina failing at changing diapers (did you know you address chiefs as if you’re in the military – sir no sir!); apparently a nasty stench is in the air. Cristina tries to convince the Chief to take over baby-watch, and he deftly dodges the responsibility.

Sylvia now gives us the moral of the show. (Michael chimes in with noting that no, the theme is about people who aren’t ready to let go, and points out to Kyle and AddiSatan to back up his point. I might give it to him, but at the moment I’m standing my ground). Her diagnosis has woken her up. She slept through life, her marriage, and now…now she’s awake. She’s living and loving life, and only doing the MRIs for her husband. AddiSatan comes in and asks McDreamy, who’s oogling Sylvia’s REALLY HUGE aneurism, about being told she looks like Deneuve. McDreamy glances at her and absentmindedly says “isn’t she blonde?” AddiSatan leaves, dejected.

And here’s where Alex dies. Izzy and Denny are playing Scrabble, Denny says he didn’t know they were playing Dirty Scrabble (anyone got the rules?), and Izzy protests she just meant screw. The hardware! Apparently Denny finds it hard to know where she’s coming from, and that Alex told him about her and Alex, and she tries to get out of just what “together” means… “not really… kind of…no.” His breathing becomes strained, he starts to panic, and so do I – as an asthmatic, that’s about the most awful thing to see someone else go through. Izzy slaps the O2 mask on him and tells him to breathe, just breathe.

After the break, Denny jokes about everyone trying to make him into a robot, by trying to keep him alive while they wait for a new heart. (I’m afraid I was being snarky with a friend and missed the name of the robot-device to do this.) He wants time to think about turning into a Borg.

And here it comes. Alex almost runs into the on-call room, where Izzy is waiting, and immediately starts taking off his shirt – just call her Pavlov (we all know he’s a dog). She stops him, though, telling him she didn’t page him for sex, “I paged you to the on-call room to yell!” Alex wants to know how he could possibly be threatened by a half-dead patient that Izzy’s becoming too friendly with, which although a lie, apparently hits a few nerves. Izzy storms out of the room.

Back to Duncan the hockey wiz, who is pitching a fit about being in a cast. College scouts are apparently coming to the game today, and it’s his chance for college and future. Can’t they take the cast off and put him in a hand splint, just for the day? George and CutieDoc both say no, his mother agrees, and Duncan takes a page from the Izzy-school-of-reaction and storms out of the exam room.

Mr. Gibson joins AddiSatan at lunch and continues staring, past through hearing about his wife’s afternoon c-section. He keeps focusing on her beauty, swearing he’s trying not to objectify her, apologizes, and gives her an out to leave. She insists he sit down, and swipes his pudding while they talk.

Meanwhile, at the next table, Cristina has the baby (smells like vomit? Poo?), George is saying he needs a shirt to ask him to stop talking about Meredith, and Izzy misses “when we all got along, can’t we all go back to that?” Right before Alex shows up, of course, and Izzy storms off to check on a patient. (Michael notes that he thinks the baby sums up the cast quite well. I thought he meant with the start on vomiting food as a method of dealing with stress (granted, the cast usually uses alcohol to help achieve the vomiting), but he meant with the crying and whining.)

Meredith is on the walkway talking to McDreamy, saying it’s not fair they’re all mad at her. McDreamy agrees, even though he doesn’t know what she did. They giggle, until AddiSatan’s laughter takes over the hallway, and McDreamy turns around. They stare across the hospital, and Meredith clicks in to the reality that McDreamy is scum hasn’t told his wife that he’s talking to Meredith. McDreamy tries to change the conversation, asking if she has Sylvia’s labs back, and she stalks off to take care of it.

Cristina brings the baby to the OR viewing chamber, held out from her body like he’s a bomb, and tells the Nazi he just won’t stop crying. After a few go ’rounds of not understanding that Bailey wants to hear him, she holds the rugrat to the microphone and Bailey identifies the cry as #4, hunger. Cristina dutifully leaves to, one assumes, try to feed the baby. Here’s hoping it’s more successful than the diaper-changing.

McDreamy tells Sylvia that it’s possible to fix the aneurism by a procedure involving veins that went right by me, and Kyle gets his hopes up. Sylvia, meanwhile, takes one look at McDreamy and says oh no, hell no. They’re going to Europe and that’s it! And we fade to black…

…back from black, Kyle tracks down McDreamy and apologizes for his wife’s behaviour. He didn’t notice her, he tells McDreamy. For 15 years, he didn’t see her or notice her, but now he does, and he loves her, and he doesn’t want his wife to die. “Please talk to her, Dr. Shepherd. Please…” McDreamy smiles and agrees. (The question is what part of his life this is relating to…)

AddiSatan is now talking to Bailey, about her lunch date with a man who notices her. Bailey just rolls her eyes. “You’re not going to fix your problem with your husband by having lunch with another man…” AddiSatan smiles and hums and walks off.

Burke walks up to Cristina trying to feed the baby, with the noted lack of success feeding I predicted earlier. He’s laughing at her when George walks up and once again saves the day with the baby. Burke praises his skill with the kidlet, and tells him it’s the sign of a good bedside manner. While he’s feeding Baby Nazi, CutieDoc comes up and invites him to operate on hockey kid tomorrow, and George only has one more chance. She walks off as Christine raises an eyebrow in an oh-so-Vulcan way and says “oh really?” “Really,” George says. “Maybe she has a couch.” Cristina can certainly be pointed.

McDreamy finds Sylvia waiting in the carport for her husband, where he asks why she’s not having the surgery. She says it’s not because she’s afraid, but because for the first time in 12 years, she has a life. She doesn’t want to go back to being her husband’s bedwarmer… and McDreamy gives her a highly hypocritical speech where he tells her to fight for her life, and never settle again. Fight for her marriage! Live life! Let him operate! She consents…

…and Izzy is trying to convince Denny into taking the robo-heart device (LVad?). Denny tells her that he’s just so tired… he hates hospitals, and having the surgery means he can’t leave. Izzy pulls the “as your doctor, I can’t advise this, you should have the surgery…we need more time.” “We?” Denny asks. Izzy tries to pass it off as the doctors, and then says “we need more time.” “You’ll be here every day?” “Yes,” she says. Denny notes that an added bonus is that it will really piss off Alex. “Yes!” Nice reasons to operate. Apparently it’s good enough for Denny.

Duncan hockey kid comes back… he made his game! There were scouts there! He’s happy! He cut off his finger! But hey, he packed it on ice, and saved it, so they can sew it back on. …is this the CSI-effect, just with medicine? We cut to commercial, but when we come back, we learn that Duncan found out how to cut off his finger on the internet. CutieDoc says that he has a passion, and it’s admirable. George? Not so much with the agreeing, and this suddenly turns into moralizing about him and Meredith. CutieDoc notes that his ex did a real number on him. At least someone on the show is saying what the viewers are thinking. Can we keep her?

We get to the fast montage part of the show, where all the different storylines come together before the grand conclusion and final moralizing. Sylvia is doing the death-monologue to the OR, telling Kyle all the things they’re going to do after her surgery, and then makes Kyle swear to do them without her if she dies. He asks her to please, please don’t die.

Cristina is asleep in the on-call room, with the Nazi Baby in her arms. Baily comes in to take her child, and Cristina wakes up. She sits up as Bailey tries to make a quiet escape, and tells her that she knows what a living hell Bailey can make her life, but she. Does. Not. Babysit! Bailey takes on a tone of voice that makes it pretty clear she is indeed going to be taking Cristina up on the suggestions of living hell, and that it’s noted she does not babysit.

Izzy is trying to talk herself up about Denny’s chances at recovery – some people with these devices, their hearts regain tone and muscle, after the help and rest. Burke does his best to knock that fantasy away right away –

AddiSatan goes to visit the guy who’s been flirting with her, saying she’s there to check up on everyone. He only has eyes for his wife and family, and brushes her off with a quick “yeah, sure.” She looks crestfallen-

Duncan the hockey boy is getting bad news. There was an infection. “But the internet doesn’t say anything about infection!” CutieDoc notes that by cutting off his finger in its sweaty nasty germy glove, Duncan ended up with a methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. The infection is still eating tissue, and he may never get complete control of the hand back. Duncan is still in denial, and says that Ronnie Lott did the same thing, and he played without a finger for the 49ers. (As always, the truth is so much more prosaic.) Duncan’s hockey career is over from his boneheaded move – kids, don’t believe what the internet tells you!

While McDreamy has Sylvia’s skull open, poking around in her brains, Meredith asks if they’ll really sell everything and move to Paris. McDreamy looks up at AddiSatan in the viewing gallery and says that he hopes so.

KOMO 4 wants us to stay around for the news – the device mentioned on tonight’s episode for Denny is apparently being tested locally in a state trooper waiting for a new heart – cool.

Meredith and McDreamy clean up post-surgery and talk about how amazing it was. She once again refers to her stupid mistake, and McDreamy presses her to tell him, she can tell him, really. She replies by saying that there is a line between friends and not-friends, and she needs him to react as a friend. “Are you ready?” she asks. Deep breath, deep sigh, and she tells him she slept with George and it was a horrible mistake, and everything has changed and she doesn’t know how to repair it, only that she knows she has to. And McDreamy’s face falls, and he shakes his head, and looks like he’s about to cry. “Say something friendly!” Meredith demands. McDreamy tells her to apologize, again and again, until George listens. “How do I do that?” she asks.

“Do what I do: use the elevator” he grins at her as he walks out.

We cut to McDreamy staring out at the sound, as Meredith traps George in the elevator and gives an impassioned apology as George stares at the ceiling of the elevator, until the door opens and he can get off. He does, without looking back.

Izzy holds post-op Denny’s hand, looking very stressed and worried. He wakes up, smiling at Izzy. The triangle continues!

Cristina comes home to see George and Preston playing music together, and she is NOT happy about this. Just when she got comfortable… She walks into her bedroom and slams the door, nicely.

…McDreamy walks in on Sylvia, who also survived, and Kyle making eyes at one another. (Deathcount: zero! Is this a show first?) He then goes home to AddiSatan, who’s in bed reading a magazine, and tells her “I was indifferent towards you. I was absent. I’m partly to blame for what happened to our marriage. I’m sorry. I’ve been working on it.” She says yes a lot, and looks happy. There’s a lot of swearing in my house.

The show ends with Meredith looking out her window, sadly.

Next week’s episode promises death. Lots of death.

In tonight’s Seattle Metroblogging PSA: Ladies and gents, sign your donor cards. Medicine is cool, technology advances, but when it comes down to it, organs are desperately needed right now, every day.

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  1. kelsey (unregistered) on March 14th, 2006 @ 10:21 am

    hey! I watched the show the other night and i was trying to figure out the name of the song they played at the end. I wrote down some of the lyrics, “I’m flying high high above the ground when you’re around…” PLEASE HELP it’s making me crazy! ps. It was preformed by a female, if that helps any.

  2. mia (unregistered) on March 15th, 2006 @ 6:00 am

    this is to kelsey .. if you go to & obviously click on greys anatomy, theres a listing of all the songs played on each ep. hope it helps!

    i adore meredith.. i like the way you wrote that post tho`. especially “There’s a lot of swearing in my house.”

  3. Emma (unregistered) on March 15th, 2006 @ 8:30 am

    Okay, first of all, great recap Kelly!! You’ve definitely lived up to all that has been written previously. That said, I don’t really know how to do this, but I would have to say I disagree with both of your interpretations of the theme/moral of this episode. Meredith’s voice over suggests that it would be something along the lines of the quick fix is less painful in the short term but doesn’t solve the fundamental problem in the long run. Then we see Hockey Kid lose his dream, Addi taking solace in the baby daddy, George ignoring Meredith and moving out, etc etc etc. Of course, it would probably serve me better in life to put this much thought into something a little more meaningful…haha…that’s funny….

  4. Kelly (unregistered) on March 15th, 2006 @ 10:06 am

    Kelsey: I didn’t know the song, but a quick Google search on the lyrics says that they’re by JEM, and the song is called Flying High.

    I didn’t even know there was a singer by the name of JEM – to me, it was just a cartoon…

  5. Kelly (unregistered) on March 15th, 2006 @ 10:07 am

    Thank you, Mia! Josh leaves very big shoes to fill, so I’m glad you liked it. :)

  6. Kelly (unregistered) on March 15th, 2006 @ 10:34 am

    Emma – that’s more than fine! Michael and I were actually talking about how we were having a hard time coming up with a specific theme for the episode, and that it felt a bit more disjointed/uncohesive than normal, when the theme is painted in bright neon on top the Needle. ;) I’m glad you were able to find a more coherent point to the plotline!

    And I’m glad you enjoyed the recap, thank you! :)

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