the only bar with a doorknob next to the wineglass

On Monday night, I sat in a plush blue vinyl bar chair, twirling around from side to side as I waited for someone. Surreptiously watching the people chattering and chewing in the dining room before me, I put down my wineglass without looking at my hand. Good thing my reflexes are fast, or I would have spilled my wine and shattered the glass on the doorknob on the bar.

This week, I finally had the chance to check out 22 Doors, the newish place on 15th, just down the street from Victrola coffee shop and Rainbow groceries. Warm with light and the energy of people happy to be out on a Monday night, 22 Doors felt enormously welcoming.

The bar gleamed with beautiful bottles of expensive liquors in neat rows. The smells wafting from the small kitchen almost enticed me to eat a second dinner, even though I had eaten just before arriving. And the outdoor patio — even in early March — swelled with new customers, huddled by the heat lamps.

The name of the place comes from the twenty-two doors that fill the restaurant, making up the bar and the doors, which originally came from the old Camlin Hotel and the old Seattle Opera House. Everything is polished to a high shine. Everyone just seems so darned happy to be there.

I wish I could say that I enjoyed the blind date that night as much as I enjoyed the experience of being at 22 Doors. Still, now I have a reason to go back: I have to try those shoestring fries with truffle oil and rosemary aioli.

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  1. Abbot (unregistered) on March 13th, 2006 @ 3:00 pm

    I’m glad that others are finally discovering this place! I have been a regular since it opened this summer, and I can’t get enough.

    BTW, those fries are heavenly.

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