Looking at the World from Washington State

The cast of Bones.

As Josh noted in one of his ever-popular Grey’s Anatomy recaps, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty is well-liked by whomever picks the music for their show.

…or so we thought.

This afternoon, I opted to relax and watch a few episodes of the new television show Bones. I started watching the show in the fall, but then ended up spending my Tuesday nights grading papers with colleagues, so no David Borea-ahem, I mean, no excellent new television show for me. So I’ve been hoarding episodes to watch for that point in time when I, er, had time. It came this afternoon. I pop in episode 4, “The Man in the Bear” and kick back. The show opens in fictional Aurora, Washington, and I’m already grinning – yay! Washington state gets a plug. And hey, even better – Bones and her partner, Booth, are being sent to Aurora to investigate the arm pulled from the stomach of the bear.

After the cut, we’re back and have moved from Washington, D.C. to Washington state – you can tell because of the trees. Booth is driving the apparently F.B.I.-required SUV, and the music is oh-so-familiar. …waitaminute, it’s Mike Doughty! In fact, it was “Looking at the World from the Bottom of the Well”, which is one of the two songs also features on Grey’s Anatomy (and if I remember right, on the season one soundtrack).

Maybe people just associate Doughty with the Pacific Northwest. I had a chance to ask him a while back what was up with the Grey’s Anatomy “appearances”, and he said he had nothing to do with it (and wasn’t aware his music had been featured until I mentioned it), so I suspect he was probably out of the loop about the Bones “appearance” as well. But maybe someone should tell him; perhaps he’d take it as a hint to follow-through on the idea of moving to the PNW.

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  1. Ryan (unregistered) on February 22nd, 2006 @ 10:43 pm

    Is Doughty from around here? If so, I didn’t know that. I loved Soul Coughing and his solo stuff isn’t terrible, either. Saw him accompany Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell, et. al. at the 826 Seattle benefit at Bumbershoot and he was very good. Better than [that over-rated, pretentious ass] Eggers, that’s for sure.

    Sorry, I’ll get my own blog…

  2. Kelly (unregistered) on February 22nd, 2006 @ 10:50 pm

    Nope – Doughty’s a New Yorker. He keeps talking about moving out here, though (to Portland, specifically, but hey, that’s close enough for me!). Thanks to a fellow Metblogger’s notice last fall, I saw him perform at the Showbox – damned good performer. I’d been a fan of Soul Coughing, but his solo stuff is just tonnes better.

  3. Karlik1 (unregistered) on March 4th, 2006 @ 7:11 am


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