even the bookstore?

This afternoon, enjoying the incipient, shining sunlight, I wandered over to my local bookstore. I needed to return a book, and take another look at the cookbook section and try not to be tempted. When I approached, I noticed it looked strangely dark. Then, I took in the signs lining the front window. A reading by a local author? Vocabulary words for our perusal? No — they were little flyers super saturated with color, announcing the Super Bowl. The bookstore had closed in honor of the Super Bowl.

Is nothing sacred?

Oh well, at least El Diablo was still open for a Cafe Cubano. And at least this dastardly thing is nearly over now.

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  1. Jeremy (unregistered) on February 7th, 2006 @ 4:54 am

    As if the Huskies don’t inconvienence everyone enough already. (Everyone being the apparent minority of people that have no interest what so ever in college football).

    The Super Bowl is by no means a holiday and it wasn’t even in Seattle. At least it didn’t hold up traffic here.

    Since when have football fans become more important then the rest of us? Oh, wait, it’s always been that way.

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