A Pollyanna approach to Huskies’ ball

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that it’s been a tough two weeks for Huskies’ fans. I’ve only recently resurfaced from my dark room due to the past two Saturdays. I mean, just when I thought I’d recovered from the amazing Arizona Wildcats double over-time game, I got nailed with a shockingly good Washington State Cougars game. Last second shots thrown from beyond the 3-point line really get my heart-rate up. In fact, watching Huskies’ games has become my new exercise regimen. And despite the disappointing results (i.e. two losses), it’s been great to watch, a basketball fan’s delight if you will; replete with scrappy comebacks, lead changes, and buzzer beating shots. Ahh, so much better than blow-outs. So even though they’ve dropped out of the top 10 and aren’t undefeated any longer, the Huskies’ season has this excitement thing going for it.

Plus, a lot of other previously undefeated teams got upset this past week as well. The talking sports heads assure me this just means there’s parity in the game this year. I can see how that will be good for me and my viewing pleasure. Well, if the games are actually shown! This parity they speak of could also be the future of the Pac-10. WSU’s fine showing this weekend and their steadily growing program will only help elevate the conference’s reputation, helping out all the teams. Well, maybe not 0-4 Arizona State. I thank the stars I’m not rooting for them. Yikes.

And so, what of the future? “Kinfolk…said ‘Californy is the place you ought to be’ So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars.” Sorry, couldn’t help myself. What I meant to say is that after a million home games, the Huskies are finally taking their show on the road, California, that is. They’ll be playing USC on Thursday (7:30 p.m.) and UCLA on Saturday (1 p.m.) [collegesports]. Both will be tough games for UW, especially UCLA who pulled out a tough win against Arizona last week and who appears to be on a roll. However, if Brandon Roy can stay out of foul trouble, if the Huskies can regain some lost swagger and if, I don’t know, they can mount 40 (not 20!) minutes of effective defense maybe they can also pull off some wins. One thing in their favor though is that neither the Trojans nor the Bruins are cat related mascots – a seeming weakness so far. Watch both games on FSN, I hear it’s good for your health.

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