Tim Eyman’s Back, With More $30 Initiatives

The new legislative session has started in Olympia, which means it’s that time again! Yep, Tim Eyman is back with Yet Another Initiative. Eyman is after the $30 car tabs again, trying to repeal several vehicle taxes and fees passed by the 2005 Legislature. The legislation also revamps the way the government calculates value of the car for tax purposes; I guess the theory is that if you keep the tax at the car purchase price, it will keep any future taxes lower than they are with the present system.

In a recent news conference, Eyman said that the state and local governments were “spitting in the face of voters” and that this third initiative was being forced because “[w]e’re entitled to $30 tabs because the voters have twice approved initiatives requiring $30 tabs, and those two votes should have been respected.”

For those who need brushing up on their history, or are new to the area, Tim Eyman was the chief engineer of Initiative 695, which established a $30 vehicle excise tax in 1999. In 2002, he ran the successful campaign for I-776, which renewed the voters’ preference for $30 tabs. I-776 spawned legal challenges, though, and the state Supreme Court is still mulling the case. Apparently the new initiative doesn’t want to wait for the Supreme Court decision; it’s ordering Sound Transit to stop collecting the regional excise tax.

Didn’t we vote that this guy is a horse’s ass?

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