Grassy, with a Touch of… Vinyl?

Seattle has good water. Nationally recognized good water, actually; we have several watersheds, UV filtering, reservoirs that get cleaned frequently. In fact, Seattle’s water is so good, the EPA isn’t requiring any changes to the water filtration plants, and notes that Seattle’s tap water is consistently better than some “low end” (whatever that means) bottled water. None of this is news for any of us, I imagine.

What is new for me is finding out that Seattle has water tasters, people who meet on a monthly basis to sample and grade water from around the city. The language they use sounds like the theory was lifted from wine tasting, but the words themselves? Well, see for yourself:

“I’m tasting fishy. Grassy. Earthy.”

“I’d give it a three. Vinyl.”

“Me, too.”

The full article can be read over at the Seattle PI. Personally, I think I’m glad I don’t know what “mouth feel” decaying grass has…

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