Erranding: hurry up and wait

Today is errand day, sort of. In actuality we’ve got a little bit of minor surgery going on in the family, so I’m driving all over town as the designated Healthy Person, getting handicap placards and dropping people off at Overlake and picking them up.

But the best thing is the amount of wifi I can tap into while waiting, and most of it actually works. For instance, here I am at Crossroads Mall’s DOL, and that long line isn’t to be dreaded anymore, because I can get the library’s wifi from all the way over here, so while they are making me wait, I’m checking email and getting my phone call errands done, scheduling appointments for future days.

Back at Overlake, wifi is a little bit iffy. In some places, you can get a signal out in the waiting room, but once they bring you inside to wait for the doctor, the signal disappears, and when the doctor is running 45 minutes late, the only thing you want to do is ask them why you can’t go back out into the waiting area to wait. Meanwhile, in other offices, the signal isn’t so great out in the waiting room, but once they bring you in back to wait, you’re in like Flynn.

This is like my BEST errand day, EVER.

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