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On these chilly autumn evenings, with the makings of a lousy cold spreading itself from one clutch of people to the next, what do we need? Spicy Thai food.

Now, if you’ve been reading here, you know that I have deep allegiances to Thai Tom. However, I’m willing to bend my steadfast rules once in awhile, for my new favorite Thai place: May, in Wallngford.

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of eating dinner at May with several other Seattle food bloggers. We’re a picky bunch; we expect the best. And luckily, we weren’t disappointed.

We shared everything, and the rest were kind enough to make sure that every item was gluten-free, so that I could share in the festivities as well. We began with a delicate green papaya salad, shredded tenderly with plenty of spice. Next, the towering pile of scallops and prawns, pictured above. The Thai taste rang through clearly, not muddled by too many busy tastes. And finally, we stoked ourselves with the fires of Pud Thai. I have a clear guideline on this: if I don’t like a Thai restaurant’s Pud Thai, how could I go back? This one arrived with a flourish: a flat, green banana leaf encasing the steaming noodles, and a red banana with a chalky meat inside, to cut the spice when it became too much for our mouths. It never did. We ordered three stars of spice, and our obsequious waiter mixed the spices at the table. We couldn’t roll the noodles onto our forks fast enough. And then we sighed.

Dessert? Lychee nut sherbet, made with coconut milk and enough citrus taste (grapefruit?) to assuage the fears of the member of the group with a bad lychee experience.

I’ll definitely be going back. The decor is funky: more like Swiss chalet meets Buddhist temple than the average Thai place. The bar at the front was, apparently, blessed by Buddhist monks. (I’d like to see that.) And the giant Buddha statue out front has a glass of beer at his feet. Apparently, an offering.

Who could resist it?

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  1. protected static (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 10:48 am

    May is very good – but give Sea Thai a whirl as well. Not nearly as nice decor-wise, and not as into the presentation of their food as May, but the taste… outstanding.

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