More Shopping News: Crossroads Trading Co

Photo by April Brimer

No, really. We all look like this in Seattle …
(Photo by April Brimer of Seattle,
Crossroads Trading Co’s
2005 Fashion Photo Contest Winner)

Hmm, what’s gotten into us Metrobloggers this week? Seems like a good number of us have caught the shopping bug. Actually, I stop by the Seattle Crossroads Trading Co, 325 Broadway East, pretty much every other week so the fact that I went shopping there this Saturday isn’t all that unusual.

Crossroads is a resale clothing chain that got its start in San Francisco in the early 90s. Like its older sister Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads buys carefully selected used clothing directly from the public and then resells it at very reasonable prices. The target market is young, trendy, and financially challenged. If you’re looking for high end fashion, you’d be better off going to a consignment shop like Alexandra’s Exclusively Designer Consignment (412 Olive Way). Crossroads is all about disposable chic.

The thing to know about shopping at Crossroads is that it is possible to find great stuff if you are open to serendipitous surprises — and are willing to be persistent. Some weeks you can go through every rack in the store and find nothing but skanky t-shirts with dumb slogans and torn vinyl micro-minis. Other times, the Fashion Gods smile on you and a perfect little Anna Sui dress flies into your hands, with the inconceivable price of $17. And then you find an almost new pleated black Gap skirt for $9 that you know is destined to become an essential part of your work wardrobe.

I’m sure that all resale regulars have their own shopping techniques. Especially on the weekends, when Crossroads can get very busy, you’ve got to go into search and destroy mode if you want to avoid being overwhelmed and elbowed aside by more aggressive shoppers. I love the fact that Crossroads organizes everything by type — sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, etc. — and by color. (Pants are also sorted by size, but it’s a very rough triage and not very dependable.) I tend to go straight for the blacks, with occasional forays into red and purple.

Yesterday I stopped by after running some errands on Broadway, with nothing but the idea of thumbing through the summer t-shirt racks. But this was one of my lucky days — I found a wonderful Betsey Johnson black stretch tee and a black, purple, and red gauzy peasant blouse, suitable for work, on the half-price rack ($7.50 and $7.00, after discount) and a brand-new, never worn Anthropologie skirt ($98 price tag still on) also marked down 50% ($13.75). The skirt is gorgeous, a plummy faded black corduroy, covered with tiny buttons — and a perfect fit. I’ll be able to wear it in the fall with black engineer boots and a black velvet jacket.

Crossroads is open Monday through Saturday from 11 to 7, and from noon until 5 on Sundays.

(FYI, The Seattle store has openings for a Floor Supervisor and Assistant Manager posted on the Crossroads website, if you’re looking to enter the exciting world of Broadway retail …)

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  1. naiah (unregistered) on July 18th, 2005 @ 8:35 pm

    “No really…”

    She’s not kidding. It’s all the hiking and indie rock.

    Uh, yeah…Ok, maybe not. Maybe it’s the Starbucks. Hrm, no. Ok, maybe it’s just in our heads.

  2. April Brimer (unregistered) on December 2nd, 2005 @ 3:28 pm

    yes, really.

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