Bumbershoot Reminder

I was walking to work this morning and saw a city bus all decked out with an advertisement for Bumbershoot, which reminded me that I need to start thinking about getting my tickets.


For anyone who isn’t already familiar with Bumbershoot, it’s Seattle’s big Labor Day weekend music fiesta. As Josh noted in a post back in May, when referring to Bumbershoot, it is customary to complain that the line-up (which will be announced in full on July 15) isn’t what it used to be, that the crowds are just dreadful, and that it used to be free and now it’s too damned expensive. [See Josh’s bumbershoot : let the annual complaint rituals begin post for a teaser list of scheduled performers.]

I went for the first time last year and enjoyed myself immensely. While I’ll admit that the Pixies were the big draw, in the end I had the most fun just wandering from stage to stage, discovering interesting new music serendipitously. I’m very crowd averse, but I didn’t feel the least bit overwhelmed by the density of humanity around me and even enjoyed the opportunity to people watch. The only thing really suffering from a shortage of space was the Flatstock poster show — this year they’re promising an expanded (hopefully roomier) exhibit.

My absolute best Bumbershoot experience last year was a complete surprise, and not music at all. I dropped in on a talk given by Harvey Pekar (of American Splendor fame), mostly because I had some time to kill between shows, and it was an absolute delight. Pekar’s rambling monologue about his years of struggling to find a medium of personal expression was captivating and even, dare I say it, inspirational.

This year, the basic four day pass is $55.00. It’s available at the Bumbershoot website, along with much additional information about ticket options, etc.

This year’s website looks totally great. Love the graphics, but can’t find any info on who did them. (Anyone out there know?) They may actually convince me to buy the damn t-shirt this time around.

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