Rising Dark

I have been having trouble enjoying the outdoors lately. I wake up in the half-dark and get MrF ready for preschool. This involves looking out the window while he eats Lucky Charms and I eat Trader Joes granola. The cats miaow to get let out and then balk as I open the door to a blast of cold and wet. They fluff their fur up and step out – taking eat step twice as if to wince at the wet deck underpaw.

Finally, its light as we drive to preschool and gather in the playground for outdoor time. Its always wet but we prevail because Its Good For Kids to Play Outside. We drag the wagon full of towels from the school to the playground and wipe down all the playground equipment. After the parks ppl noticed us doing this a lot they drilled holes in the seats of the swings and base of the slide so the water drains rather than pools but they are still wet all over.

So, we dry the stuff off and then shiver with our hands in our pockets, squinting at the bright grey sky, and sharing how tired we all are. But its tired in a good way. Of having no reason to push at doing things. Of just being warm and comfortable all day rather than Hiking and Halling and gardening all day. There’s a time of retreat.

After school its noontime and the afternoon closes in on us. When he wakes up from nap its already dark and he asks “is it nightime now?” and I persuade him it isn’t sort of. But it is.

And then we wallow in library books from the Seattle Public Library and watch TV and make lego robots for ages and look out the window at the wet dogs going after-work walking and the way the trees are leafless, mostly.

Actually, I guess have been enjoying the outdoors a great deal lately – just from inside the house.

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