Plants: Space and Desire

I know this entry is unseasonal but as I sit at breakfast the bare garden looms at me. Its wet today. Bleak with leaves stuck to the fence, beds waiting to grow weeds in spring, bare patches and overgrown lilac.

You see, this wasn’t a problem when we were DINKs and lived in an apartment on Capitol Hill, but now that we have a house and yard and kid there is this thing called a garden outside. If I do nothing the bare earth does more, as if to balance out my inactivity. The more emptiness you leave (even artful emptiness with grey stones) the more it becomes a mess in a month. The answer is to fill the ground in with plants and let them do the work of fighting weeds.

Now, if anyone has ever visited our good local nurseries – Swanson’s, City People’s, Molbaks or Wells Medina (oh hallowed ground among gardeners with $$) you’ll see that plants are pricey. It would take thousands of dollars to fill our bald spots with anything larger than a head of broccoli.

Then there is Flower World USA near Woodinville (once referred to as the Walmart of nurseries). You can get a lot more for your money here, but like Costco or Walmart you also spend a lot to get a lot. Still, when I need something that isn’t too particular, I go here. There’s even a petting zoo where the kids and non-gardening spouse can frolic by the fake-lake.

For trees, especially larger trees, on a budget. I like Olympic Nursery which specializes in trees. They have big trees, decent sales and a good range. The trees are a lot bigger than the ones you get at neighbourhood nurseries.

My latest discovery has been Gardenweb. Gardenweb has discussion groups for gardeners including a local network. There are also plant exchanges where people make trades (your brugmansia for my um, oops, I don’t have any plants yet) and donations to new gardeners. Also, spread through the year there are plant swap meets where gardeners in the region gather with their trunks full of plants and swap or donate them to others with space and desire.

If you watch the plant exchange list the dates and times are posted. There is one “Green Elephant Trade” coming up in spring.

Oh, must make some more waffles… breakfast… and its Thanksgiving so I’d better..

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