Overnight, very whitely


After our recent fieldtrip East of the cascades, its official. The heavy rains in September have made this a Good Year For Mushrooms. For those not mycologically inclined, Seattle is one of the fungal capitals of the world and this year mushrooms both edible, lethal and inspiring have been popping up everywhere.

This (Oct 16th) weekend is a mushroom tourist’s mecca. There’s the Wild Mushroom Exhibit, Fungii with a Fun Guy or quick run down to Wholefoods Market where they have chanterelles at the low (but not rockbottom) price of $7.99 a pound, hedgehog mushrooms, fresh porcini and even Matsutakes – that delicacy that has some people crawling around in dripping forests sniffing fungi and hiding their trails.

For myself, I’ll be heading out the the PSMS Exhibit. The whole mycological scene is as fun as the fungi. You can take your pick among home-schooled kids, students of the psychotropic, russian immigrants, chinese families and a good selection of pot-hunters (no, they’re not hunting pot, just for the pot).

Its late. Its tea-time. I’m getting into green tea but that’s another story….

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