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lawn art

There’s an impressive piece of political art on the HUB lawn at the University of Washington today. Regularly spaced markers across the grassy expanses symbolize casualties in the Iraq War. It’s an incredibly arresting image and well-executed display.

(photo credit [jameth] and discussion, via the UW livejournal community [lj])

Poetry on Buses

Hey, fellow Metro riders, ever look up at the poetry placards on the bus and wonder how you could get your own work up there?

Wonder no more! Go to the Public Art home page and fill out an application to submit your poetry for possible publication. Hurry, though–the deadline for submissions is November 5th.

If the end is coming, might as well grab a beer…

Stolen from *gasps* The Stranger’s online Feature Article because well, I couldn’t say it better myself.
the Stranger

“Finally, we’re hosting an Election Night party because the whole damn city is going to need a drink on Tuesday night. Our party is at Chop Suey (1325 E Madison St, doors at 5 pm, free, 21+). There will be a Bush pi

the weird poster of the week isn’t really a poster


Hey the Stranger — way to take it to the next level! We realize that every publication worth its salt has felt the obligation to grace their cover with an interpretation of the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture scandal, but this week’s Haloween feature [#] stands out as something really special. Kids dressed as abused detainees! What will they think of next?
Fortunately, the paper answers with a list of other ways to use your costume to make a political statement. Thanks for continuing to bring “shock and awe” to its natural conclusion.

overlooked – s/shoes/liquor/

In the great Broadway QFC hullaballoo, we wouldn’t want to overlook the other super fantastic neighborhood development. Yes, the Liquor and Wine store has a new permanent home. No longer will you need to be inconvenienced by the temptations of the Broadway Mall to distract from your alcohol buying: the corner once dominated by discount shoes now sports floor to ceiling windows enticing buyers with shelves and shelves of libations available at every price point.

Not sure why they skipped the cake and coffee grand opening. Nevertheless: welcome to your new digs! I’m sure we’ll find another place to get shoes.

cake (test post)


Originally uploaded by joshc.

Stretching the limits of excitement for the opening of a new grocery store (especially for a store that just moved a block), here is a picture of the Brand New QFC festivities! Notice the mass consumption of cake and coffee! Browse other photos tagged with “qfc” [flickr]

night of the lepus?


Just in time for halloween — the Seattle Children’s Theatre [sct] is presenting elementary school favorite Bunnicula! I saw the poster yesterday and could’t believe that the vampire rabbit mystery had been translated to the stage. I have no idea if it’s any good, but I remember loving the series kid and am almost afraid to check out the live action musical adaptation for fear of crushing fond childhood memories. But if there’s anyone out there without so much residual emotional investment, I’d love to know what you think.

neighbours with needles

In the face of our national shortage of influenza immunizations those of us lucky enough to live on the world’s largest undefended border have some options to avoid winter downtime and illness. Yes, fighting off the flu provides yet another excuse to visit our friendly neighbours to the north.

Summarizing the options and rubbing the vaccine deficit in our faces (“Plenty of Flu Shots Available — in Canada”), Friday’s Seattle Times provided an overview of the easiest ways to get your injection fix. [seattletimes]. Based on your bank account and your preferences, you can go by land or sea — rail fares are about $25 each way to Vancouver [amtrak] and the Victoria Clipper is offering a $105 round-trip package that includes the shot . So, it’s really a matter of whether you prefer modern glass metropolis or olde tyme British architecture (+high tea!) as a chaser to your injection.

Look on the bright side, we could be Californians fleeing to Tijuana for medical care.

Halloween countdown

Halloween’s a mere week away!

I’m excited: not that I need an excuse to put on a costume and eat candy, but the official sanction is always a nice little boon.

One of these years I’m actually going to get around to making a Space Needle costume. (Or mug the guy wearing the Space Needle mascot costume.) I’ve been trying to think of great local-themed costumes. A slug costume would be fairly simple, I think, and an apple would be just as easy but they’re almost too easy.

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Although there

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