My Endfest in Review

So today I ventured out to White River Ampitheathre to brave the pit crowd for Endfest 13. I left a bit battered and bruised and have a bit of a headache but overall it was a fairly well attended show and I didn’t get angry at too many moshers. Unfortunately I was so busy at the mainstage that I didn’t make it to the Seattle stage, but I heard the Lashes were incredible. So here’s a rundown of what I did see.
It started off with Metric and their Uma Thurman lookalike lead singer throwing down some crazy tunes. They were fantastic and the crowd was really into it when they played Combat Baby. However, I was sad that they didn’t play longer since they are actually -really- good. Second up was Muse! This show was amazing and if you paid the 37 dollars to stand in the pit like I did, it was well worth it just for this portion of the show. The band was really on tonight and the music sounded great. They opened with Hysteria (which all the radio listeners of course knew) and the moshing grew from there. When they played ‘Time is Running Out’, the crowd was in a frenzy! It was pretty nice to feel united with your peers. After this incredible show, we were brought down a notch by the Psychedelic Furs. This was an interesting choice I think because well…its rather dated. The lead singer kept doing this weird thing in front of the drummer as if we were supposed to focus our attention on his ever wiggling ass. It was very comical but fun when they played ‘Pretty in Pink’. The 80s are making a comeback ya know. The fun didn’t stop there. Next up was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was a little too artsy for me. Karen kept doing these wierd gyrations with her body and the microphone and it was apparent that she enjoyed showing her panties to the audience. Then she proceeded to insult the bands after theirs and tell us we were so ‘L-U-C-K-Y’..and there were a few choice f words thrown in for flavor. It was a little shocking really. Next up was X…and I have no idea where these guys came from other than LA. They were a mix of old punk and a little rockabilly…and alot of fun. The set was incredibly long though, but everyone loved when they covered the Ramones ‘Sheena is a Punk Rocker’. That was the only time I recognized a song they were playing. Well, after this, on came the Violent Femmes! I took a break and decided to endulge in some festival food (5 dollar nachos and a 4 dollar Coke) so all I could do was hear the band and it sounded okay. I had forgotten how old these guys were! I ventured back in for the highlight of the night for some. Franz Ferdinand! I was up in the front like before but eventually made my way to the back as the moshers took over the place. This show was stellar. So much fun and I recommend seeing them just because they were great. Next, the highlight of MY evening. Echo and the Bunnymen. They opened with ‘Lips Like Sugar’ and I was sold from there. I love this band and always will. (*grins*) Its fun cause he chain smokes and has a horrible accent from Liverpool and its such ‘bloody good fun’ that I can’t hardly stand myself. After that was the Presidents which sadly, I must say that I didn’t stay to see because we had to get out of there because traffic was bad enough already! To sum it up, Endfest 13 was a good thing. A little wierd but a good time overall. However, Seattle has plenty of cool venues to not have to go to White River again…it smelt of manure.

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