Fall Fecal Fest

For all of you looking for compost materials (in the form of Zoo Doo) at this years Woodland Park Zoo’s Fall Fecal Fest, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The Fecal Fest has been canceled due to chlopyralid.
From their press release:

SEATTLE – Woodland Park Zoo has canceled this year’s Fall Fecal Fest due to an herbicide contamination of the zoo’s highly coveted Zoo Doo. The herbicide, chlopyralid (klo-PEER-uh-lid), is commonly used on hay and wheat fields in eastern Washington for the control of broadleaf weeds (non grass-like weeds). Unlike most other common herbicides, chlopyralid does not break down in the heat of the composting process. It remains active to the detriment of susceptible plants, primarily members of the pea, sunflower and tomato families.

Zoo Doo? The twelve year old inside of me can’t help but snicker and giggle.

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