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Eastlake’s lovely Latin mainstay Bandoleone has moved to Fremont, and my Eastlake posse tells me it’s probably due to exorbitant rent costs. Surprising, as Fremont is not exactly sporting Northgate-caliber rent prices these days, but I suppose we all end up in the center of the universe eventually, don’t we? Nah, I don’t mean to hate, but NewFremont is looking more condo-licious every time I venture down there for a Baja Fresh burrito. When I was a young’un visiting Grandpa in the big city, Fremont was more Dusty Strings and Solstice Parade; less Red Door and Ballroom. Recent visits to nighttime Fremont establishments find me being constantly approached with “how YOU doin’ tonight?” and I’m not even hot. But for Dad Watson’s, the former Bagel Oasis, and now Bandoleone, we have Fremont to thank.
Still, Bandoleone fit in nicely on the main drag of Eastlake, and with its loss there seem to be considerably less eating options there. It was the perfect transitional restaurant between basic pizza at Pazzo and elegant spendy Italian at Serafina. Bandoleone was sometimes iffy with the main entrees (I once had a chicken dish that smelled like Friskies) but perfect for a few appetizers, a carafe of Sangria, and a bitter chocolate dessert.
In other rising rent news, several businesses in Wallingford have been closing, with seemingly most of them reborn as restaurants. The mysterious WonderBar looks to be almost ready for opening across from QFC. Further west down 45th, you may have noticed, unless you are BLIND, the gilded spire/A-frame addition to a building that looks to be…another Thai restaurant! I’ve actually watched much of this construction from my kitchen window, including the hoisting of the giant pyramid at 5:30 one misty morn. Since then a gently spiraling outdoor staircase has been added, and now an enormous beaming statue, at which point I was like, um, restraint much? This place had better DELIVER.

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