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so bad it’s good

In honor of the V.I.P. DVD premiere of the camp classic [ed: is nine years enough for something to be a classic?] Seattle’s most celebrated video rental store presents Showgirls. The event is hosted by David Schmader, whose commentary, included on the DVD, helped to make the film a local hit.
Even though he’s made the claim of “last performance” before, this time it might actually be true. The film’s NC-17 so bring your ID and leave the kids at home. It’s at Scarecrow Video at 9 pm tonight [scarecrow].

on second glance, this might not be so much a “performance/live deconstruction” as a “listening party” [stranger]

Singles on the Go!

As sad as what you’re about to read might be…I’m on the verge of actually considering it. I have found that since I am not a student, and since I work in Bothell…I am having a -very- hard time meeting people in the Seattle area. Sure, I could hang out with random people from LiveJournal…but sometimes its good to meet people the old fashioned way. So without further ado…about some good old fashioned Speed Dating?!!
Has anyone actually ever tried a service like this as a lark and met someone pretty cool? I hate to be asking but if I don’t make friends soon…I might wither up and die in my overpriced studio apartment overlooking the alley and a Starbucks.
Also, tips and tricks for those of us who are new to the area and would enjoy hanging out with people our age (I’m 24) would be fantastic. Josh, I’m sure you have something to post.

The Market…

So finally, weeks and weeks later, my internet trouble is all smoothed out and I can resume my rather obsessive on line habit.
I work in the Broadway Market, at one of the few stores that is staying in business through and after the construction that is currently taking place. Although I get sick of explaining this all of the time (customers ask me about 30 times a day), for you all, I will make an exception. From what I understand, the QFC on Republican and Broadway is moving into the market and the building it formerly occupied is getting torn down. And no doubt turned into something souless like condos or a parking lot.
Now, if I know this after only living in the area for about a month and a half, I really don’t know why everyone else can’t catch on. But I digress…
The construction is really depressing me. Of course, the Broadway Market was just a mall, really–not some precious bastion of neighborhood spirit, emblematic of all that is Capitol Hill. It was just a bunch of stores. It was gentrification. But this seems like even more gentrification.
Then again, it is hard for me to imagine a pre-gentrification hill, having only moved to town a few months ago. Seeing little changes like this makes me wonder about all of the big ones I missed, about all of the parts of this city that I will never know.

Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry…

Usually I’m happy to see the sun, but not when it’s extremely hot and humid outside. The idea of cooking dinner was appalling Saturday but I couldn’t bear one more cold sandwich or salad at home so a friend and I went to Nonna Maria’s on Queen Anne, a restaurant I’ve passed by many, many times. The atmosphere was excellent, the decor charming, the service was adequate (the servers were attentive while they were at the table but took their time about getting there) and the food was out of this world. I started with a salad of sliced tomatos with pine nuts served on leaves of radicchio, very excellently presented. the tomatos were less than ideal but it’s hard to find a truly excellent tomato anywhere these days so I tend not to judge them very harshly. My companion started with a plate of prosciuttio and melon which she enjoyed immensely. We both loved the flavorful, fresh bread served to us in a basket along with a decanter of pesto. I am a very unsophisticated wine drinker and decided to pass on a glass of wine anyway as I’m not fond of drinking alcohol when it’s hot. (It was pleasantly cool in Nonna Maria’s, but I knew I’d have to go outside eventually.) My companion, knowledgeable about wines, assured me that the wine list was very good.
My entree was the special of the day, a raviolio stuffed with asparagus and bathed in a saffron sauce. It was served alone, accompanied by nothing else, but nothing else was needed for this filling meal; I couldn’t even eat all the raviolis on my plate. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce was divine. My companion ordered a chicken with pasta dish; she said that her chicken was excellent but she was startled by having a large piece of chicken and a small amount of pasta as she was expecting it to be served the other way ’round.
For dessert we shared a perfectly made crepe and had quite excellent espresso. It was a very lovely meal and one that I’d love to have again…but won’t anytime soon, as the bill for the two of us was only just barely under $100. Too pricey for casual dining, Nonna Maria’s is a place I would definitely recommend for a special meal.

tips and tricks

From the looks of it, this helpful hints for staying cool has lost a bit of urgency. Still, it is always fun to see what happens when a transplant points out that “it’s not that hot outside” during one of the warmest weeks of Seattle’s summer. Enjoy the community dissection of the heat vs. humidity and the actuality of the bearability of hot weather in response to this post to one of livejournal’s oldest communities [lj]

shake shake shake…

Seattle, we need to talk. I’ve tried not to let it bug me but if I can’t talk to you about it after five years, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to really discuss it honestly.
Seattle, you have an ass. Move it, already!
Now now, I’m not talking about doing this on the sidewalks or the highways or the lakes, although that might be a good idea too. No, I’m talking about something entirely different. A different, better place. Ready?
At the clubs and concerts I go to. There’s intense music being played, the joint is jumping and you… you stand there with all the gravitas of a bobble-head in slo-mo if you really feel like kicking out the jams. Hold on.
Now, maybe you’re still getting the vibe of the music or maybe you’re really just there to listen and you’re standing in the back or sitting in the other room of the club. Good on you. I can appreciate that. I can. Lord knows there have been enough shows where I simply stood back for a time, just enjoying the scene. At least you didn’t shove your way to the front of the stage (past those of us with no shame whatsoever) with your best friend and your girlfriends to recreate this same tableau in a new location.
Guys (and gals), this is life; not a beer commercial! Move a little. Shake your hips or bounce a little. Have some fun instead of maintaining that grim facade. I don’t want to look back from the front and see a recreation of Easter Island staring placidly back.
Hell, there shouldn’t be a sign behind the bar at the Crocodile that reads: “You could at least pretend to enjoy yourself.”
I care, Seattle. I just want what’s best for you. You know that.

the streets

Seattle seems to leave no summer weekend without some sort of street fair. This weekend brings the Capitol Hill Block Party which sets up camp around the intersection of 11th and Pine and features a wide spectrum of mostly local bands. Unlike many of the other weekend spectacles you’ll need to pay ($10, adv.) to check out the music, but the booths and people watching are free. In place of hippie drum circles expect hipsters attempting to cope with the excessive weekend heat.
The Stranger provides extensive coverage in a pullout section in this week’s issue. [stranger]


This weekend’s midnight movie at the Egyptian is 28 Days Later [site] one of the most beautiful and intense movies of 2003. The soundtrack and cinematography are fantastic; so if you haven’t seen this scary bioterror flick on a big screen this is your chance. I’d imagine that it’s even more upsetting when viewed in the middle of the night.

heat related fashion

As the weather warms up for a hot weekend, expect to see functional accessorization.

the war on produce

If you were around Seattle after Sep 11, you’ll remember the raid on the grocery owned by the Somalis in Rainier Valley. It was followed by reams of editorials about how we’re not safe and the long tendrils of terrorism had reached even to our backyard. It turned out not to be true, and the grocers, whose apparent crime was operating in the same building as a wire transfer company (whose assets were frozen, though no charges have ever been filed), have been awarded $100,000 in damages.

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