The alley…

I guess it’s technically not an alley. More like a long narrowish street without a name. Or maybe it has a name that I am simply not aware of. It’s quite possible. I am not yet aware of many things in this town.
Anyway, whatever it is, it cuts through most of the blocks between Bellmont and Summit, slicing them into…umm…mini-blocks. Yes, that is the highly technical name which I have assigned to them. You like?
Whenever thoughts of scaling the hill and fending off Broadway spangers become too daunting, I head for the alley. I’m not sure exactly why. I mean, it’s not really very sceneic–mostly you pass the backs of houses and apartment buildings, some garages.
I think it’s that, for a big city girl like myself, it’s a bit of an escape. In NYC, there were very few places you could go that allowed you to forget that you were in the middle of a seriously urban environment. Here, if you walk a few blocks from the main drag of whichever neighborhood you happen to be in, it’s all houses and flowers and birds chriping. It’s nice…but also a little jarring sometimes.

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